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Best Sushi Machine For Restaurants

TSM-900RS Simple rice sheet making machine


Simple rice sheet making machine.

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Mixer/TSM-S2 Full automatic rice and vinegar mixing machine


Full automatic rice and vinegar mixing machine.

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Roll Sushi Cutter / TK-2 Making both NORIMAKI and URAMAKI

Roll Sushi Cutter / TK-2

Making both NORIMAKI and URAMAKI

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Sushi Ball Machine / TSM-07

Sushi Ball Machine / TSM-07

No need to make Nigiri sushi balls by hand anymore.

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Small investment yet happy result! Simplicity is ideal for a small/medium sushi bar to reduce labor costs anywhere from 25% to 50%. It is also good for new sushi businesses to begin with. It brings in operation and product...

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Silver Set


The most economical combination to layout an effective sushi bar. Welcomed by most businesses. With some skills or minimum training, your team members are able to make almost every roll and nigiri sushi, yes...

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Sous Chef Set


From supermarkets, catering businesses, to high volume restaurants, most work is done by a sous chef set. Consistency and sustainability can be found in here. Maki or roll sushi are most popular. Sous Chef Set focuses on high...

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